Smoking and Reproductive, Sexual Dysfunction in Men

Smoking reduces sperm production, sperm defects, decreased motility of sperm and more dangerous is smoking reduces blood flow to penis, some cases of impotence.

How Smoking affects the reproductive organs in men?

– Studies have shown that the primary metabolite of smoke (are substances in tobacco smoke is inhaled and then metabolized in the body) are found in semen. Even some substances concentrate here (cotinine, Trans 3 hydroxycotinin).

Smoking and Reproductive, Sexual Dysfunction in Men

– The ingredients of the tobacco found in semen may inhibit the activity of the enzyme choline acetyltransferase system; this enzyme necessary for the sperm can work.

– Men who smoke compare those who do not smoke have low testosterone levels (the hormone needed for sperm production) and increasing concentrations of horrmon stimulating follicle.

– Smoking reduces the amount of semen: depending on the amount of cigarettes that smokers smoke, sperm reduced more or less (with heavier smokers it is even clearer). Smoking causes inflammation of the genital system, sperm are hard to penetrate with the ovum.

– Smoking reduces the ability to produce sperm, decreased sperm count, reduced sperm quality, decreased motility of sperm and cause infertility. Smoking alters the shape of the sperm: not much evidence show that smoking increases the percentage of changing sperm shape. This may be related to higher rates of miscarriage, congenital malformations.

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Smoking and Reproductive, Sexual Dysfunction in Men

– Smoking causes impotence: People who smoke have a high risk of impotence than 2 times, atherosclerosis in penis reduces blood flow which we call impotence because of vascular. 82% – 97% of men with erectile dysfunction because of vascular have smoked. In men smoked quite long, the risk of impotence due to higher blood vessels, in the heavy smokers, the risk was even higher.

– Apart from impotence due to atherosclerosis, smoking also leads to impotence caused by vasoconstriction; just 2 cigarettes can cause penile artery spasm.

– Smoking not only affects reproductive function, sex in men, but it also causes bladder cancer. People do not identify smoking cause prostate cancer, but they found in human get prostate cancer that smoke will increase infiltration and metastasis of it.

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