The Influence of Tobacco Smoke on Children

Children regularly are passive smoking, the resistance will be weak, vulnerable to get infections, allergies; vulnerable to sudden death in infant.The result of a study carried out in South Africa also showed an association between passive smoking and the risk of infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria increased in children who live in a families with tuberculosis patients … In addition to illness, children inhale tobacco smoke also have abnormal behavior, becoming more aggressive, revealed antisocial attitudes in daily communication.

Passive smokers are exposed to secondhand smoke by smokers release out. Studies have shown that passive smoking has similar dangerous as direct smoking. Children are the subjects suffered severe consequences of tobacco. The tobacco smoke especially dangerous for young children because their lungs are not fully developed and are more sensitive to irritants and toxins contained in cigarette smoke. Toxins in cigarette smoke can cling to the hair, the clothes of the smoker, stick to surfaces furniture, carpet and chairs including with long time after smoke stop release. Children will be affected when exposed to these objects when playing, when cow or embrace smokers.

Protecting Children against the Harmful Effects of Tobacco
Passive Smoking and the Effects of Secondhand Smoke to Children

The Influence of Tobacco Smoke on Children

Each year the world has about 600,000 people die from passive smoking, including many children. Secondhand smoke is especially dangerous for young children because their lungs are not fully developed and are more sensitive to irritants and toxins in tobacco smoke.

Children are particularly sensitive to smoke but is the main subject of passive smoking. And the consequences that children suffer is reflected in the mass media is not enough to awaken those who smoke, including the parents.

“Smoking is harmful not only for you but when release out environmental tobacco smoke will harm those around, as well as their loved ones. Passive smokers have the similar disease as the direct smokers. For children in the womb, father smoke would make children vulnerable to unexpected infant death, cleft palate and cancers such as leukemia. Babies born are vulnerable to be birth defects, premature birth, low birthweight or weak resistance, or allergies. When children breathe secondhand smoke is also prone rhinitis, sinusitis, ear infections, dental caries, inflammation of the larynx, trachea and bronchi. Increase 30% of bronchial asthma in children, the children had asthma would worsen, memory impairment, low IQs …”

The Harmful Effects of Passive Smoking on Children
The Harmful Effects of Cigarette Smoke on the Health of the Baby That You Should Know

The Influence of Tobacco Smoke on Children

Children inhale tobacco smoke are at risk to many respiratory diseases. The typical symptoms of the disease commonly related lung colds and flu, cough, phlegm, dyspnea, wheezing, and pneumonia. Besides, children are likely to develop asthma if living with smokers. Because child’s brain is still in the development stage, so the passive inhalation of tobacco smoke can cause effects on both physical and spiritual. In the majority of cases, passive smoking makes children having limited learning ability, behavior problems, hyperactivity…. Besides, the risk of children becoming regular smokers as adults will be higher.

If you can not quit smoking, try to smoke in places where children never there. /.

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