Tobacco Smoke Causes Harm to Children

Direct Smokers and people were sitting next to have same harmful by tobacco smoke and if the children will have further harm

Adults Smoke, children overpaid

Children whose parents smoke are more likely to get sick. The lungs of these babies will be less developed than children whose parents do not smoke. Specifically, children can get pneumonia, bronchitis, cough, wheezing.

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If father smokes when the child sit next to, they will be inhaling secondhand smoke (passive), makes asthma (available in children) develop faster, heavier, and the frequency of asthma attacks more. According to statistics, 40% of children with asthma are hospitalized due to smoke inhalation. And yet, children in families with smokers are more prone to ear infections.

+ When we stand near someone who smokes with a radius of one meter are considered passive smokers.
+ An adult, if inhaled tobacco smoke five hours per day will increase the amount of bad cholesterol (cholesterol is harmful to health) and clog the blood vessels.

Children often inhale secondhand smoke at home. Our country has no statistics on this, but in the US showed that nearly 3 million American children breathe secondhand smoke at home for at least 4 days a week. Tobacco smoke harms children both before and after birth. The fetus may be harmed by smoking mothers, or pregnant mothers often stand next to a smoker. Because the body of the child is in the development stage so the toxic substances contained in tobacco products is harmful to children even more dangerous than adults. The study showed that children under 1 year are subject to the most serious harm by tobacco smoke.

Tobacco Smoke Causes Harm to Children

The passive inhalation of tobacco smoke can cause sudden death in infants. Although the exact cause has not been confirmed, but it is thought that the change in the brain and lungs were affected respiratory system of the child. During pregnancy, many substances contained in cigarette smoke alter the baby’s brain development. The mothers smoke during pregnancy are at greater risk of their baby suddenly died in the neonatal period.

People who smoke and people standing has the same harmful

Most everyone thinks, direct smokers has much harm than people that stood near. But, not so, according to the doctor, as you stood next to smokers, we were inhaling a toxic amount equal to the smoker. In adults, smoking also is the cause of heart disease and cancer (particularly lung cancer). And no a dose deemed safe for health to inhale passive smoke.

Tobacco Smoke Causes Harm to Children

In tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, including more than 200 types are harmful to health, including toxic and addictive, it is divided into 4 groups, nicotine, carbon monoxide (CO), small molecules in the smoke and carcinogens.

The Impact of Tobacco on Health In Terms of Mental and Social
The Impact of Tobacco on Physical Health

Nicotine absorbed through the skin, mouth, nasal mucosa or inhalation. On average, each cigarette contains 1-2 mg of nicotine, while smoking, nicotine rapidly to the brain – about 10 seconds after taking an inhalation. As carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke are absorbed into the blood and attach to hemoglobin of the body causes oxygen no longer tied up hemoglobin. With a smoking one pack of cigarettes per day will increase 7-8% of hemoglobin does not contain oxygen, which is a factor causing atherosclerosis.

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