WHY Do You Feel Fatigue after Quit smoking?

I’m 24 years old, graduated from college and went to work. I smoke from 2nd year of university due to staying up late to draw. Now I design in a foreign company, it is strictly forbidden to smoke but I addicted so long so quit smoking this time made me extremely tired. Doctor can explain why this phenomenon happens and what should I do?  Doan Thanh Trung (Hanoi)

The current manifestation of you is smoker’s general expression of those who are smoking long time but stopped. It is the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms may occur after stopping smoking for 2 hours, peaks 24-48 hours. It may last several weeks and months include symptoms: stress, irritability, sedation, sleep disturbances, decreased heart rate, decreased blood pressure, gain weight, into a state of anxiety depression. Since a long time you spend on cigarettes, your body especially is central nervous system most affected by nicotine, while smoking, approximately 25% of the nicotine inhaled will be come into the bloodstream and it will affect to the brain within 15 seconds. The half-life of nicotine is approximately 2 hours, it acts on the cortex and the limbic system activates dopaminnergic pathways and the limbic system. See more: The Method To Quit Smoking Successfully

WHY Do You Feel Fatigue after Quit smoking?

Additionally, nicotine also increases norepinephrine and epinephrine concentration and increased substances that increase elated, emotion, stress reduction. However, the harmful effects of nicotine can not predict all because it is the main reason to cause and aggravate many serious diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, respiratory disease, infertility, sudden death…. To overcome the discomfort of nicotine withdrawal symptoms cause you should eat nutritious, do not stay up late, do exercise, especially sports suit with young people as swimming , running, soccer … These measures will help you feel more cheerful, reduce stress caused by smoking cessation. To successfully quit smoking, determination of every person is important.

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